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Richard O'Donnell

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Kathryn E.H. Clark
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Richard O'Donnell
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About the project:

The 366 Unstickers project is a collaborative effort by several members of the Oberlin Writers Group.

An Unsticker is a writing prompt or point of departure which is meant to be inspiring, sometimes silly, and yet still challenging . . . all at the same time. For those who are plagued by writer's block (ahem, that is to say, for those who are stuck) here's something to get you unstuck.

Unstickers need not always lead into a larger work, but if they do . . . bonus! The point is, sometimes forcing oneself to write 100, 500, or 1,000 words or more is all that person needs to flex his or her creative muscles and get motivated.  Our future goal is to accept submissions of these stories or essays, but at this time the 366 Unstickers team does not have the manpower or resources for such an endeavor, so please keep writing and stay tuned!

Anyone may submit an Unsticker suggestion. If you have an idea for an Unsticker, please use the submission form. All submissions belong to the editors of the 366 Unstickers project. Authors are provided with a byline including their name, city and state and a link to their site if applicable and appropriate (at the discretion of the Managing Editor).

We appreciate your interest! Happy writing.